About Us

At Ganesha Yoga and Wellness, yoga is a way of life. Our Campus is located at 908 Tulane Drive, Kernersville, NC.

Ganesha’s Yoga and Wellness emphasizes respect between each person and honoring the guru in us all. We embrace the culture of yoga and the transformative power it can have on one’s life. We hope to make yoga a positive experience for both our students and instructors.  Our community is welcoming to all who seek to better their lives, For example, dedication to the practice of yoga helps our students grow. Dedication to growth as a student is imperative in growing one’s yoga practice.  Our studio provides an environment which inspires our students to grow. As a result, the instructors know what it takes to be dedicated in practice. Therefore, they serve as a guide to help students to grow.

The Kernersville location is a full-time Yoga Alliance Registered School and event center. Moreover, 15-day yoga teacher training is available.  In addition, Weeknight and Weekend Yoga Instructor Certification is available. Self study is available for those students who do not have a flexible schedule.  Where there is a will there is a way.  If you want to be a teacher, then we will help.  Yoga Teacher training need not be unattainable anymore.  Are you ready to do what you love and love what you do? All one need to do is apply https://www.ganeshasyogawellness.com/teacher-certification/application-info/. Also, you can call 336-655-3263 to talk to an adviser.