Welcome to Ganesha’s! Our Studio Policies

Welcome to Ganesha’s! Our Studio Policies

All of our tribe here at Ganesha’s Yoga and Wellness want to extend a warm welcome to our new members! We sincerely hope that you will grow your practice here, as well as make lifelong new friends. As with any studio, we have some best practices that will ensure that members and visitors alike have a positive experience with us.

Here are some wise and gracious yogi and yogini etiquette guidelines.  Please observe and follow these guidelines in our studio. Naturally, if you have any questions about any of our best practices, feel free to reach out to any of our staff!

Signing In

  • Please visit the sign-in desk before class. We’ll make sure you are checked in and your reservation confirmed. (We strongly recommend that you make a reservation prior to class to save your spot. If a class is full and you haven’t made a reservation, we may not be able to accommodate you!)
  • Signing in for every class is essential for payment purposes and so that we can compensate our teachers according to class attendance.
  • No student will be admitted to class if they are over 5 minutes late. We don’t want to disturb other students as they begin meditation.
  • Students are required to present their membership barcode upon entering the studio or pay $5 for a new one. Think of these as gym membership cards!
  • If you cancel your scheduled class less than 12 hours before it is to begin or do not cancel it at all and do not show up for class, then you agree to pay a $10 cancellation/no show fee.

Respect for Our Studio

  • Be respectful of the instructor and your fellow yogis. This may include being mindful of not interrupting the instructor or disrupting the class by talking.
  • Turn off all cell phones and other devices when entering the studio (or just leave them at home)!
  • Remove shoes before entering the studio.  Place them in the cubbies provided along with other belongings.

Class Etiquette

  • Please do not engage your instructor in conversation during class.
  • Please arrive at least five minutes before class begins.  If a student is late who has scheduled a class, then the student forfeits his scheduled class by being late.
  • If you are taking class from a teacher who is new to you, arrive early to inform them of any injuries or conditions so that they can offer any necessary modifications during the class.
  • If you are late for unavoidable reasons (and no one replaces you by filling your spot), wait outside the practice space until teacher invites you in, and please join class quietly. In order to avoid injury, if you arrive later than 15 minutes after the start of class, you will not be able to attend.
  • Please by ready and willing to move your mat to make space in crowded classes.
  • We do not supply cups; students need to bring water bottles with you. You are welcome to bring your bottle into class. We do offer spring water to refill your bottles.
  • No glasses or open cups of any liquid allowed, only water bottles with lids.
  • No food or chewing gum allowed in the studio at any time.


  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending yoga class. This includes bathing, wearing deodorant, brushing your teeth, etc. We’re in close quarters!
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes and oils as many people are allergic.
  • Consider bringing your own yoga mat; it is more hygienic.
  • If you use one of the studio mats, please leave it down and a studio caretaker will clean it for you.
  • Bolsters are not to be used in hot yoga classes.
  • Reduce skin-to-skin contact with our props by wearing a shirt. This also makes it easier for teachers to make adjustments.
  • If you tend to sweat, bring a towel to class. Keep the floor around you dry to prevent others or yourself from slipping and falling.
  • Please do not use our blankets to wipe sweat from the floor or your body.
  • If you participate in Hot Yoga, then you need to bring a towel to place on your mat and a small towel to wipe sweat off of your body. Be sure to bring a water bottle as well.
  • All bathroom towels are to be left in the bathroom, they are not to be brought into the studio. They are for single-use when wiping hands after using the restroom and washing hands. When finished using a towel, place it in the laundry bin beside the towel stand.

By observing these best practices, we are confident everyone will have a safe and comfortable experience at Ganesha’s! Have a suggestion? Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can make your experience even better.

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