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Practicing Asteya

Asteya is the third Yama, or ethical guideline we strive to practice as yogis.  It is a Sanskrit word that translates to “non-stealing.”  While this Yama may seem straightforward, it can have many meanings, as do the other Yamas.  According to Swami Sivananda, “Desire or want is the root cause for stealing.”  Stealing can mean […]

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Yoga and Satya: The Yama of Truth

The second Yama is Satya, or commitment to truthfulness.  Satya means “to speak the truth.”  However, this can be a challenge to practice in life.  It can be difficult to practice Ahimsa (having compassion for all beings) while stating the truth.  It also may be undesirable to speak the truth in certain situations.  It is […]

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Practicing Ahimsa

What is Ahimsa?  Ahimsa is one of yoga’s ethical guidelines that are part of the first two limbs of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga.  These are ethical guidelines that guide us in our lives as yogis.  There are yamas – things not to do, or restraints, and there are nyamas, or things to do, or […]

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