Phuoc Le Pearce, RYT-500


Phuoc Le Pearce, RYT-500 is a graduate of Ganesha’s Yoga and Wellness. Phuoc, is a student of yoga first and foremost, teaches her students all the knowledge she has gained throughout her journey.  Phuoc started teaching at Ganesha’s in 2015. Not only is Phuoc an Amazing and knowledgeable yoga instructor, but she is also the owner of her own Elderberry Syrup Company.  Ganesha’s is a proud sponsor of her business and we do stock her Elderberry Syrup in our studios.  When she is not busy teaching yoga or running her elderberry business Phuoc is spending time with her Awesome Family: Husband James (who is also an instructor at Ganesha’s), their adorable child Clementine and the family pets George and Sophie.