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The Best Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Superstars travel the world teaching yoga. However, what are they doing when they are not teaching? How do they sharpen-up on their own practice? What kind of Yoga Teacher Training do they love to endorse? The best yoga teacher training yoga superstars love is offered at Ganesha’s Yoga and Wellness in Kernersville, NC. The […]

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Brennan Snipes, RYT-200, CCHYT, CHYT

Brennan had been practicing yoga for a couple of years when she was exposed to Compassna Hot Yoga. She was a student of Yogi Gene’s for over 3-years before she decided to enroll in Compassna Hot Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Brennan is the first direct descendant from the lineage of Yogi Gene’s Hot Compassna Yoga. […]

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