Secret To A Healthier You



Over three-thousand-years ago an ancient practice was alive and well.  It was the modern day medicine of the yogi.  Now, the people who practice this spiritually rich approach to health keep it their best kept secret.  It is a secret which can be of great use to those who practice it.  A healthier you awaits. You have nothing to lose, but plenty to gain by starting an ayurvedic practice!

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations – A healthier you awaits by taken this first step toward your ayurvedic practice. Initial consultations are $150 and will include assessing prakruti and vikruti. Based on prakruti and vikruti determination, client will be given lifestyle and herbal recommendations to incorporate into their daily life. A followup session is recommended in 4-6 weeks and periodically after that. The cost for the followup session is $75. To schedule an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation please call Lauren Blount at 336-251-5377 

Ayurvedic Workshops – Periodically Ganesha’s Yoga & Wellness offers Ayurvedic Workshops on various topics such as: Determining your Constitution, Ayurvedic Foods, Ayurvedic Herbology, etc. Please stay tuned to our events page on our website and Facebook pages for more information. The workshops are geared toward a healthier you through growth in your ayurvedic practice.

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes – Private Ayurvedic Cooking Classes are available at our Kernersville location. Learn how to make Kitchari, teas, porridges, dals, bliss balls, and milks. Cost is 100.00 for 4 hr private class and 50.00 per person for each additional person. To schedule please call Lauren Blount at 336-251-5377.


Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN October 20th-23rd 2019

Join Lauren Blount, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, E-RYT-500 for a transformative weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, TN area. Luxurious accommodations in a Log Cabin with breathtaking mountain views for the entirety of trip. This retreat includes your personalized Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation (150.00 value), Ayurvedic Meals, Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, Yoga, Meditation, and time for sightseeing in the Pigeon Forge area (Pigeon Forge has great shopping, waterfalls, and attractions). Cost is 500.00 with a non-refundable deposit of 250.00 due at time of registration and remainder of balance due by 10/13/19. Registration ends 9/15/19. To make payments go to:

Ganesha’s Yoga and Wellness are proud sponsors of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association Any and all of our Ayurvedic Faculty have graduated a NAMA Registered School.