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Food as Medicine: The Art of Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking

Saturday January 30th 2016 from 1PM-4PM

Ganesha’s Yoga & Wellness (7-A Dundas Circle Greensboro, NC 27407)

Join Lauren Blount, MA, E-RYT-200, RPYT, RCYT for this fun and informative workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to acquire the knowledge and skills to select appropriate food choices and proper eating behaviors in accordance with doshic constitution, season, and digestive strength. Participants will gain an understanding of how the 6 tastes can lead to the use of food as medicine in Ayurveda. In addition, participants will gain proficiency in selecting and preparing foods and spices as well as identifying signs of optimal agni (digestive fire). Furthermore, participants will assist and learn how to make the following Ayurvedic foods: Khitcheri, Bliss Balls, Ojas Energy Drink, Golden Milk, Constitutional Teas, and Digestive Seeds. Cost of workshop is 65.00 if registration is completed by 1/15/16 and 75.00 after 1/15/16 and can be done by calling us at 336-655-3263.


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