RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training 15 Day Yoga Immersion

July 9th-23rd 2018

at Ganesha’s Yoga & Wellness 908 Tulane Dr Kernersville, NC

Become a RYT-200 registered through the Yoga Alliance in only 15 days. Ganesha’s Yoga & Wellness offers a 15 Day Yoga Immersion. Hours of the program range from 7am-8:15pm daily. For more information please visit the RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training section of this website or call 336-655-3263. To register please go to


Self Care for the Fall Aka Vata Season Workshop

November 3rd 2018 1:00pm-5:00pm

at Ganesha’s Yoga & Wellness 7-A Dundas Circle Greensboro, NC 27407

Join Christina Hankovszky (Radha Ananda Kaur), RYT-200 on November 3rd 2018 for Self Care for the Fall Aka Vata Season Workshop. Topics to be included are:

What is Vata Season
When is Vata Season
Yoga Practices for the Vata Season
Daily and Seasonal Self Care Practices
Pranayama for Vata Season
Meditation for Vata Season
Foods that are supportive for Vata Season
Yoga Nidra

This workshop will include yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, Self Care, and pranayama practices as well as lecture on the above topics. Participants will receive handouts, a Yoga Book, and a Vata-pacifying refreshment and warm beverage. Early bird is 49.00 before October 20th and 60.00 after October 20th. For more information please call 336-986-7084.


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