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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the options for beginners. Very helpful in learning poses, and gaining strength. Wonderful way to set goals for more strenuous classes.

  2. An excellent place for yoga practitioners of all stages. A wide variety of yoga is offered, and the instructors are experienced, patient, and attend to mind-body connections. Most of all, the studio is very well-kept and provides a peaceful and therapeutic environment for its learners. I love this place!

  3. This is my very first time taking a yoga class and I didnt really know what to expect. I was EXTREMELY nervous during my first class. So much so that I had to leave before the class ended. When I went back to the lobby to put on my shoes Yogi G was so very calm and kind, and he kinda “talked me down” and told me to move at my own pace…My next class was a wonderful experience and I plan to attend my 4th class this afternoon. I have already learned and accomplished more than I expected too. I sincerely thank everyone at Ganesha’s for helping me on my journey.

  4. Ganesha yoga and wellness offers a wonderful selection of classes and motivational instructors who are dedicated to developing individuals holistically. For those who are looking for a sanctuary to meditate or simply to get a physical workout, this is the place for you! This heartwarming studio is the pride and joy of the Greensboro community.

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